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About PXN Exhibition

For a brand, strong product capabilities are the foundation.

In the exhibition, PXN also exhibited its masterpieces, covering: racing simulation, flight simulation, arcade joystick, game controller, e-sports headset, etc.

The P50, 9607X, V12 and other products that are very popular among players are listed, among which the V15 direct drive steering wheel, A5 hydraulic pedals, PXN-RAVINE earphones, and F1 steering wheel are all exposed for the first time.

A sound product ecosystem is an important part of PXN’s efforts to create a “full category peripheral brand”.

PXN Exhibition

About Gaming Steering Wheel

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Racing simulators have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has improved. More and more drivers are using simulators to train and also have fun in their downtime with friends.

In addition to a steering wheel, you’ll need a game console and an adapter to connect the wheel to the console. You’ll also want to invest in pedals to control the speed of the car in the racing game.

Steering wheels give you a more realistic feel while playing a racing game. You get the feel of the weight of the wheel, and the movement, vibration, and pressure of specific parts of the wheel. Although this is purely for enjoyment, it can also help improve your driving skills.

A variety of factors determine the longevity of a racing wheel, the most important of which is how frequently you use it. If you use it with care, a gaming steering wheel can last for three to five years.

What have we prepared?

Gifts For Exhibition Customers

The booth has a racing car racing area, mask experience area, artist graffiti area, DJ atmosphere area, beverage supply area, product display area, etc. We communicate with you friendly from the perspective of players.

The novel interaction also made the scene crowded, and the queuing team once caused congestion due to crossing multiple booths.

Generous on-site prizes are the best response to players’ enthusiasm. Many players took away prizes such as high-end racing simulator oval racing, V12LITE, game pedals, PXN-RAVINE e-sports headsets, and SWITCH controllers through the turntable lottery “Little Waves” interactive competition and other forms.


Client’s support is the Best Reward

PXN has brought a large number of game peripherals, including game controllers, racing steering wheels, joysticks, game headsets and other product categories. It is worthy of the reputation of “all-category peripheral experts”!

Jiza Sikuanza

It was so exciting to experience the racing game on the spot. There are a lot of people participating in the game experience area of this booth. This great game experience led me to buy a set of PXN V12lite steering wheel.

Peter Monier

I often saw it online before, and today I finally tried the PXN switch controller on site. It feels very comfortable, and I don’t feel any lag when playing games on site. The color of the controller is really nice.
I absolutely love the look of each style.

Sara Carter