PXN HBS Handbrake

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Premium Material: The whole handbrake is made of aluminum alloy, which is safe and reliable. 16-bit high-precision sensors adopts Hall-effect precision technology increases the brake feel of racing and provides you the same realistic experience with the real car (Do not include a fixed clip, suitable for use on stands only).

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Adjustable: Support the adjustment of strength and stroke. You can experience different handbrake force by changing different springs or damping rubber, and the default travel of the handbrake is 16mm, you can adjust the handbrake travel to 10mm by replacing the part.

Dual Mode Grip Switching: You can switch between vertical and horizontal grips, with the horizontal mode being closer to the real car and the vertical mode being used in more scenarios. The handbrake is linear on both PC and XBOX side.

Better Compatible: The USB handbrake is supports PC platform plug and play. compatible with various models of sim racing steering wheel on PC Windows. Support for PXN V3 V900 V9 V10 V12 and Logitech G27 G29 G920 G923 T500 T300. Soft remind: Only compatible with PC Windows.

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