PXN P50S Game Controller

PXN P50S Game Controller

It is a new product as a PXN Switch controller! Compatible with Switch EL Organic/Switch/Switch Lite/PC.

Enjoy superior precision, comfort, and control with the PXN Switch controller. The controller connects smoothly and is easy to operate. Seamless control is possible and operation is easy and quick. Easy to use even during long gaming sessions. Play games with your friends.

Macro Functions

There are two buttons M1 and M2 on the back of this Switch controller, and there is also a macro function that can group a series of button operations into one-button operation. Complicated operations can be performed with one button, so it is useful when operating complex combo skills.

APP visual programming

You can change the button function of the controller through the self-developed APP. You can set the ABXY buttons on the Switch handle in the order of the ABXY buttons on the handle you like so that you can play Switch games without discomfort.

🎮【6-AXIS SOMATOSENSORY 20-HOUR CONTINUOUS USE TIME】: Built-in 6-axis gyroscope chip, somatosensory fine-tuning assistance, FPS-style wrist micro-pressure to quickly lock the target. The racing game comes with somatosensory control steering, giving players a truly immersive experience. Built-in 550mA lithium-ion battery, it can support 20 hours of game time after 2 hours of full charge.

🎮【MULTI-GAME PLATFORM DEVICE SUPPORT】: The controller is compatible with PC and Switch, Bluetooth/wired dual connection, simple and stable pairing, responsive and smooth without delay. Can play Steam games using a Bluetooth connection, but requires a Bluetooth receiver.

Sleep Awakening

When the Switch body enters sleep, you can wake the Switch by pressing the home button on the PXN process controller.

🎮【With the NFC function】: You can link NFC with the game, you canget unexpected weapons and supplements, or other props in the game(if you want to use the NFC functión, please stick close to the pattern ofthe controller PXN for identification)

🎮【TURBO & ADJUSTABLE VIBRATION】: Auto & manual TURBO function is available for this switch pro controller, 3 adjustable TURBO speed modes: 5 times/sec, 12 times/sec and 20 times/sec. The Pro controller also features 4 levels of adjustable vibration: 0%, 30%, 70%, 100%. After the adjustment is successful, the motor of this gear will vibrate for 3 seconds. TURBO and vibration make you feel more immersive in the game.

🎮【ERGONOMIC DESIGN & NON-SLIP GRIP】: The switch game controller for Switch/Switch Lite/OLED has an ergonomic textured non-slip design handle, which is easy to hold even for girls, and fits perfectly in your hand.

Button and joystick functions interchangeable

Some people like the right joystick to recognize the direction, and some people like the left joystick to recognize the direction, so you can use this function to perform function interchange.


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