Energizing Racing
Starts at Your Feet

PD HM Hall Magnetic Induction Pedals

High Sensitivity

Hall magnetic induction

More Comfortable

Adjustable spacing and height

Realistic Sensation


Adjustable linear parameters via App

Solid alloy pedals

Hall Magnetic Induction

Accurate control with every foot movement

High Sensitivity Linear Sensing of Pedal Presses
Accurate feedback of foot force, car responds to foot movements.

Low Consumption More Endurance for Continuous Gaming
Extended racing time superior quality and endurance.

Panel with 'Multiple Mounted Holes' Design

Flexible adjustment for comfortable driving.

High Sensitivity Linear Sensing of Pedal Presses

Accurate feedback of foot force, car responds to foot movements.

Horizontal Module Adjustment

After pedal installation, there are spare holes for additional installation options.

Exclusive App for Customizing Your 'Driving Habits'

According to Personal Preferences, customize the pedal’s linear travel to experience varying foot feedback sensations on different tracks and with different car models, highly simulating a real foot feel.

Double Stability to Prevent 'Flipping Over'

Can Be Paired with a Bracket for Stability

Full throttle with stable pedals, smooth acceleration through bends without flipping over.

User-Friendly 'Anti-Slip Mat'

Fits closely to the bottom of the pedal, can be placed directly on the floor/carpet for use, prevents accidental shifting and slipping.

Strong Compatibility Across Multiple Platforms

After connecting to the base, compatible with games on PC, PS4, X-one, X-series x|s platforms.

Compatible with Steering Wheels: PXN-V10, V12 DDL, V12 DDS

Plug and play on PC, system requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11.

Supports Direct Connection to PC Platform

Adjustable Damping System

Supports the replacement of the damping system to adjust pressute.Ensures each pedal stroke aligns with your individual foot force habits.Take full control of gaming intensity

All-Metal Material for a More Realistic Foot Feel

Both the pedal head and pedal arm connection are made of high-quality metal material.


pdhm gas brake pedal 2
pdhm gas brake pedal 3

1. Hall magnetic induction with good linearity and long lifespan.

pdhm gas brake pedal 4

2. Multi-hole footboard that supports left and right adjustment of pedal modules.

pdhm gas brake pedal 5
pdhm gas brake pedal 6

3. Made of all-metal materials.

pdhm gas brake pedal 7

4. Realistic throttle, brake, and clutch pedals.

pdhm gas brake pedal 8
pdhm gas brake pedal 9

5. Supports adjustment of footboard angle and height.

pdhm gas brake pedal 10
pdhm gas brake pedal 11
pdhm gas brake pedal 12

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