PXN V12 Steering Wheel

Product performance description
1. 13-inch diameter steering wheel covered microfiber leather.
2. Built-in 10NM servo motor for a realistic and immediate connection to the car.
3. Features a quick disassembly design.
4. Dual gear-shift paddles located on the left and right sides.
5. The 4 paddles utilize photoelectric induction sensors for responsiveness and long-lasting durability.
6. The upper paddles use magnetic structure switches.
7. The steering wheel paddles are made of carbon fiber.
8. Compatible with PC/Xbox One/Series/PS4/PS5 (additional converter required for PS5).
9. Designed with mobile app called [PXN Wheel] for high-configuration settings such as programming and mapping buttons.

10 Nm Torque
Servo Direct Drive Motor

After about 1580 hours of product adjustment, PXN-V12 Direct Drive technology cuts out the middleman of the gear or belt drive system, making all the inputs converted directly to electric outputs, and signals from the game are converted directly to wheel feedback to provide gamers with an ultra-realistic racing experience.

Drive-Free Technology
Plug and Play

Completely solved the redundant drive installation process
of the product in use from the technical solution level

Self-Developed APP
For High Configuration

Built-in high-efficiency Bluetooth chip, the parameters of
the base and racing wheel can be customized through APP

Quick Release System
Simulates Real Racing

Designed with quick release system to support the replacement
of different wheel rims. More wheel rims, more confidence

High Strength
Aluminum Alloy Housing

The use of precision machining profile aluminum,
all-round protection of the cavity structure.

Magnetic Carbon
Fiber Paddles

Ensure Faster and More
Stable Racing

Carbon fiber material shift paddles with double magnetic
induction structure design providing gamers immersive
gaming experience.

13-inch Professional Racing Rim

With the dimensions of a real racing wheel offers a truly
versatile and realistic racing experience.

Smart Temperature Control System

Motor has built-in high-performance temperature sensor for real-time
monitoring of motor temperature. Through the intelligent temperature control strategy,
it canensure the motor’s long-lasting and stable output.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (1)
PXN V12 Steering Wheel (2)
PXN V12 Steering Wheel (3)

10Nm Direct-Drive Force Feedback Racing Wheel: The greatest advantage lies in the motor directly driving the wheel surface, eliminating the loss of precision and latency due to transmission and friction. The force feedback delivered to your hands feels incredibly vigorous and responsive, with a swift wheel re-centering. 10Nm maximum torque with direct-drive transmission for realistic driving simulation and automatic in-game steering angle adaptation.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (4)

Universal Compatibility: Designed for PC, PS4, and PS5 (receiver required) with Dinput mode support for PC.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (5)
PXN V12 Steering Wheel PXN V12DDS Wheel Base (6)
PXN V12 Steering Wheel (7)

Customizable Controls: Built-in Bluetooth chip for App-based settings customization and magnetic carbon fiber paddle shifters for crisp and responsive gear changes.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (8)

Durable and Detachable Design: High-strength aluminum alloy body, quick-release detachable wheel for easy swapping, and a range of wheel options.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (9)
PXN V12 Steering Wheel (10)
PXN V12 Steering Wheel (11)

13-inch Gaming Racing Wheel: Featuring an enlarged wheel surface for an upgraded experience, rejecting small wheel sizes, and closely resembling real car dimensions.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (12)

Intelligent Temperature Control: Integrated high-performance temperature sensor for real-time motor temperature monitoring, ensuring stable performance and longevity.

PXN V12 Steering Wheel (13)
N5 for PXN Game Steering Wheel – PXNgamer 1

N5 for PXN Game Steering Wheel

If you want to use a PXN steering wheel on PS5, please purchase an N5 receiver to use.

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