PXN V12lite Steering Wheel
Sim Racing Wheel

6Nm Servo Direct Drive Racing Simulator

Servo Direct
Drive Motor


APP Setting

Wireless Power

Magnetic Optical

Temperature Control

Performance Chip

V12DDL Wheel Base

Small torque, strong energy

Servo Direct Drive Motor

Direct drive servo motors have the characteristics of low output speed
and high output torque, which can achieve high output torque for quick
acceleration and deceleration. The maximum output torque is 6 Nm,
presenting a more realistic direct-drive force feedback.

Dual Temperature Control

with smart chip temperature control and low-noise fan.

Dedicated APP
Take Control of Your Racing

Equipped with a high-performance Bluetooth chip, it can be
connected to the [PXN Wheel] APP to customize settings
for the base and racing wheel.

Racing-grade 6 Series
Aluminum Alloy Connector

Simulates the quick-release experience of a real racing wheel, allowing for fast
and easy detachment and replacement of the racing wheel with multiple
replaceable racing wheel faces.

Aluminum Alloy Body

The machine covered with precision-processed aluminum profiles,
which are tough and sturdy, providing comprehensive protection
for the internal components.

6 Series Aluminum
Alloy Cover

Ouick-release Connector
6 Series Aluminum Alloy

Magnetic Carbon Fiber Paddle
Shifters for Faster and Stable
Gear Shifting During Turns

The paddle shifters are made of carbon fiber material with a dual magnetic
structure design, providing a crisp and agile feel with quick gear shifting.

Upgraded to 11 Inches Large Wheel Dial
To avoid the toy-like feeling of small racing wheels.

The diameter of the racing wheel is now 30cm, which is close to the size of a real car’s racing wheel.

Delicate Texture Cover

Colorful RGB Light Indicator

Colorful RGB Light Indicator
20-segment Downward
Pressure Dials
Flat-bottomed racing wheel
grip simulates real racing wheel

PXN V12lite Steering Wheel

pxn v12lite 2000 2 1

High-Level Professional Steering System: Experience triumph with the PXN V12 Lite Gaming Steering Wheel, designed in collaboration with elite sim racers. It boasts an intelligent direct drive system and advanced servo force feedback technology, delivering unmatched realism in racing and driving. The wheel is compatible with PlayStation 4, and PC Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One Windows.

pxn v12lite 2000 2 2

The PXN V12lite base is equipped with a silent fan and temperature control function. Quiet fans help keep temperatures cool during long gaming sessions, ensuring peak performance and preventing overheating. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience by providing a quieter environment and efficient cooling for the device.

pxn v12lite 2000 2 3

The PXN V12lite steering wheel and its base are designed for easy connection and installation. The process involves aligning the grooves on the steering wheel and base, making sure the four grooves on the top match up with the six grooves on the bottom. Push firmly and the assembly locks securely into place. This simple mounting method ensures a stable and reliable connection between the steering wheel and its base, enhancing the gaming experience.

pxn v12lite 2000 2 4
pxn v12lite 2000 2 5
v12lite wheel 970 1 1

Direct Drive & Servo Force Feedback Base: Drive to conquer with the PXN V12 Lite steering wheel base featuring a high-performance smart chip control and an ultra-precise 6Nm FFB direct drive servo motor. It ensures instant, zero-delay connectivity and high-fidelity 16-bit resolution force feedback, granting you a professional-grade, enduringly immersive racing adventure.

v12lite wheel 970 1 2
v12lite wheel 970 1 3
v12lite wheel 970 1 4

Pro-Level Wide-Diameter Sports Wheel: A 30 cm D-shaped steering wheel crafted from 6000 series aluminum alloy, wrapped in premium eco-friendly microfiber leather. The wheel dazzles with Multi-color RGB lighting, a Racing-Level Quick Release System, programmable buttons, 2 Magnetic & 2 optical sensing shift paddles, and twenty-level push-down rotary knobs. Its ergonomic design guarantees the ultimate multifunctional experience, simulating real race conditions.

v12lite wheel 970 1 5

Robust Precision Metal Pedals: The heavyweight 3.8KG all-metal pedals are furnished with Hall magnetic sensors for precise feedback. Customize your pedal curve using the app and easily adjust the pedals to varying angles for optimal comfort. The reinforced anti-slip pads ensure stability during intense races. These pedals yield ultra-responsive feedback and offer versatile adjustment options, delivering a precise, lifelike acceleration, clutch, and braking experience.

v12lite wheel 970 1 6

1. Versatility: Suitable for various PXN steering wheels, supporting different types of driving games.

2. Adjustable Angle and Height: Flexible design, adjustable according to personal preferences.

3. Sturdy Structure: Robust design, ensuring stability during gaming sessions.

4. Ergonomic Design: Consideration for comfort, helping to reduce fatigue.

5. Easy Installation: Simple installation, allowing you to start gaming quickly.

pxn v12lite 2000 2 6

Comprehensive Package & Top-Tier Support: The PXN V12 Lite DDL Base, WDS Wheel, PD HM Padel, Z9 Table Clamp, Power Adapter, Cables, Toolkit, and User Manual are included. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, as each PXN V12 Lite Steering Wheel undergoes rigorous safety and performance tests before leaving the factory.

N5 for PXN Game Steering Wheel – PXNgamer 1

N5 for PXN Game Steering Wheel

If you want to use a PXN steering wheel on PS5, please purchase an N5 receiver to use.

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