PXN V3 Pro Gaming Racing Wheel

1. Compatible with PC/PS3/PS4/XBOX ONE/XBOX SERIES X&S /Switch.
2. Support X-input and D-input working modes on PC。
3. 180 turning angles and covered with 90 degree left and right each.
4. Double vibration feedback steering wheel。
5. Linear pedals with gas and braking control。
6. Strong suction cups with U-type clamp for fixing the wheel on different surface.

180 Degrees Linear Steering Without Dead Ends

Large disk operation, left and right can be rotated 90 degrees linear

Enjoy Riding Heavy Trucks

True Double Vibration

Equipped with dual vibration motor, real-time vibration feedback according to different
game scenes, bring you to experience a more real game feeling

Adaptive Angle Linear Pedal

The linear pedal can automatically adjust the throttle and brake thresholds
according to the stomping force. It is equipped with folding pedal texture and
anti-slip design at the bottom to improve the controllability of the pedal.

Wave Design in Hand

Leather texture, created according to the curvature of the hand
Wave design, feel comfortable and real

Base Strong Suction Cup

7 suckers are firmly attached to the table top

Fixed support
Strengthen stability

Easy installation and easy hardening

PXN V3 pro Steering Wheel

V3 970 B1

PXN V3 Steering Wheel Gaming Support PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X

Note:When the PXN V3 steering wheel works on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS3. there is no direct connection. You need to first connect the steering wheel with the original controller of the console, arrive with the host, and then connect the steering wheel and with a data cable. A more detailed connection method can be read in the manual.

V3 970 B2
V3 970 B3
V3 970 B4

PS3, PS4 connection method

1. Need to use Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS3 original gamepad to guide,

2. Before starting the machine, please make sure that the host and the original handle are turned off.

3. Use the microusb cable with data transmission function to connect the steering wheel and the original handle,

4. Connect the steering wheel to the head unit. After the original handle is connected to the steering wheel, turn on the host.

5. After power on, press the HOME button on the steering wheel. Can be manipulated to lead to success.

6. If you can’t control it, please replace the data cable or restart

V3 970 O1
V3 970 O2
V3 970 O3
V3 970 O4

Package Contents:

Steering wheel x1

Foot pedal x1

U-type clamp x1

User manual x1

pxn v3 pro wheel 8

【WIDELY COMPATIBLE】: The gaming racing wheel is compatible with PC / PS4 / PS3. Support windows XP/7/8/10/11, you need to connect the original gamepad before you experience the host racing game. (Note: The original gamepad needs to be turned off before connecting)

pxn v3 pro wheel 9

【SIMULATION DESIGN】: The game steering wheel has a 180-degree angle. The Shape is Ergonomically Designed According to The Racing Steering Wheel; The Built-in Dual Vibration Motors Bring a More Realistic Drag Racing Experience.

pxn v3 pro wheel 10

【Linear Pedals & Paddle Shifters】: The linear pedal improves your control of the throttle with precise feedback to the game. Racing-style paddle shifters and sequential shifter on the steering wheel allow you to experience racing games

pxn v3 pro wheel 11

【PRODUCT DESCRIPTION】: The game steering wheel is covered with a soft rubber wave design grip making the hand feel comfortable and real. While the unique flame totem increases the passion of the game, the high-precision rotary potentiometer control technology allows the direction to be automatically centered.

pxn v3 pro wheel 12

【Adjustable Sensitivity & Programmable Buttons】: The steering wheel sensitivity can be switched in three stages, and there must be a mode that suits you. Programmable buttons allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the steering wheel and become your best buddy on the field. (Please see the manual for details)

pxn v3 pro wheel 13
pxn v3 pro wheel 14
pxn v3 pro wheel 1
pxn v3 pro wheel 2
pxn v3 pro wheel 3
pxn v3 pro wheel 4
pxn v3 pro wheel 5
pxn v3 pro wheel 6
pxn v3 pro wheel 7

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