New Upgrade
PXN V9 GEN2 Wheel Racing Simulator

Product performance description
2. Intelligent dual-core for two modes of X-input and D-input in PC.
3. Switch between 270° and 900° rotation output.
4. Dual-motor vibration feedback.
5. High-sensitivity Hall magnetic pedals, paired with an H-pattern 6+R gear shifter.
6. 3 sets of stylish LED bead decorations, with customizable lighting modes accessible through the app.
7. Designed mobile application [PXN Wheel] for high configuration.

Dual Motors
Force Feedback
Compatible with
4 Major Platforms
Dual Paddle Shifters
300mm Race-Grade
Steering Wheel
Wheel Design
Hall Magnetic
Linear Pedals
Gear Shifter


16-bit Magnetic Encoder
Designed for Racing

Magnetic encoding technology captures the wheel’s movements in real-time, ensuring precise control during operations like rotation, enhancing the gaming experience.

Realistic Steering Experience with One-Button to Switch 270°/900° Rotation Degree

Easily switch between 270° and 900° rotation angles with a physical button. At the 900° setting, the wheel can turn two and a half times, matching the rotation of a real car’s steering wheel.

Dual Paddle Shifters

ABS material and Formula-style design make gear shifting effortless with just a flick of your fingers, simulating a real racing experience.

fine texture for better grip.

Supports steering wheel replacement for more customizable experiences

*Supports HUB quick release only, does not support WV10F steering wheel replacement.

TPE Rubber Covering

500,000 Press ABS Buttons

Detachable Wheel Design

Industrial-grade alloy panel with tensile strength superior to 6000 series aluminum alloy.

Game Compatibility

Compatible with PC, PS4, X-ONE X/S,
X-SERIES X/S platforms.Plug and play with no boundaries.

Hall Magnetic Sensing Pedals

Adrenaline-Driven Performance

Foldable and Extendable Foot Pads;
Wear-resistant, non-slip, and easy to store;
Foldable pedals.

Three-Pedal Realistic Design;
Wear-resistant metal pedal plates;
Smooth acceleration, braking, and shifting, just like driving a real car.

High Sensitivity Hall Magnetic Sensors;
High precision linear braking;
Low hardware wear for longer lifespan during extended gameplay;
Sensitive to every foot pressure.

6+R Gear Shifter

Confident Shifting

Lightly press for emergency braking

Adjustable screws and slots
for secure desk mounting

Simulates the action and feel of real vehicle gear shifting

P Button For Handbrak

Three-point Fixation

Soft Rubber Joystick Cap

PXN Proprietary App

Personalized parameter configuration
at your fingertips.

All New PXN V9 GEN2
Racing Steering Wheel

PXN V9 GEN2 Racing Steering Wheel

Faster, More Stable, Cooler
V9 Gen2 Racing Upgrade Version

  • 16-bit Magnetic Encoder. High precision and more stable.
  • Potentiometer Decoding. Lack of precision and stability.
  • Add RGB Light Bar. Dazzling and gorgeous.
  • PC connects directly, no need download drive for vibration.
V9 Gen2 Racing Wheel - Upgrade Version
V9 Gen2 wheel 03
  • High precision simulation, upgraded magnetic encoder.
  • Adaptive Vibration, dual motor multi-stage vibration.
  • Expandable buttons with customizable functions.
  • Physical switching steering angle: 270°/900°.
V9 Gen2 wheel 04
  • High precision shift paddles, smooth toggling.
  • Linear pedal for sensitively detecting the degree of pressure applied.
  • Exclusive APP, intelligent parameter adjustment.
  • RGB light bar displays brake / throttle force.
V9 Gen2 wheel 05

V9 Gen2 goes better with Forza Horizon 5 / Euro Truck Simulator.

V9 Gen2 wheel 06

16-bit Magnetic Encoder Built For Racing

Magnetic encoding technology captures the movement of the steering wheel in real time, ensuring precise control of the steering wheel during rotations and other operations to enhance the gaming experience.

V9 Gen2 wheel 08

Adaptive Scene Vibration

Blurring the boundaries between virtual and reality

Built-in dual vibration motors can automatically adjust the vibration output according to changes in the game scene, achieving delicate multi-level vibration.

V9 Gen2 wheel 09

Emulate Formula-Style Dual Shift Paddles

Release adrenaline on the racetrack with the flick of a fingertip.

The shift paddles are made of ABS material, imitating the design of Formula 1, can easily shift gears by sliding your fingers, just like being at the race track.

V9 Gen2 wheel 10

Real Steering Experience

Switch 270°/900° at the touch of a button

Physical buttons flexibly switch between 270-degree and 900-degree rotation angles. When set to 900 degrees, the steering wheel can be turned two and a half times, the same as the degrees of a real car’s steering wheel.

270-degree steering is more suitable for racing games that require agile turning, such as the F1 series.
900-degree steering for games that simulate driving with large steering angles, such as trucks and buses.

V9 Gen2 wheel 11

Cyber Style RGB Lighting Effect

Shift indicators prominently displayed

Two RGB light bars on the both sides of the steering wheel provide real-time feedback based on the pedal’s throttle-brake value respectively

V9 Gen2 wheel 12

Dedicated APP

Adjustment operate as you wish.

V9 Gen2 wheel 13

Grip Covered in TPE Soft Rubber
Comfortable to the touch, with a fine texture that prevents hand sweat.

28CM Professional Racing Wheel Size
Perfectly adapted to track, rally and drift racing.

Ergonomic Buttons Distribution
Rugged and durable, with shortcut buttons are within reach.

V9 Gen2 wheel 14

Enjoy Gams Across Three Major Platforms

Perfectly compatible with racing games on PC/ PS3/ PS4/ XBOX ONE&SERIES

V9 Gen2 wheel 15
V9 Gen2 wheel 16
V9 Gen2 wheel 17

6+R Manual Shifter

Button-style handbrake / high-low gear shifting

Simulate the authentic feel and action of shifting gears in real vehicles, deeply immerse yourself in the dynamic changes of the vehicle during driving, experience the thrill of drifting corners with the racing handbrake, and enjoy the exhilarating sensation of gear shifting while driving trucks.

  • P Button for Handbrake – Lightly press for emergency braking.
  • Soft Rubber Gear Lever – Simulates the action and feel of shifting gears in real vehicles.
  • Mounting Clamps – Adjustable screws and slots are tightly fixed to the table.
V9 Gen2 wheel 18

Hall Magnetic Linear Pedal

Precise sensing of forces from the feet

  • Three panels simulate the design of real pedals, with wear-resistant metal pedals.
  • Hall magnetic high sensitivity sensor, precise output from the foot force.
  • Foldable, extended foot pad, wear resistant, non-slip, easy to store.
V9 Gen2 wheel 19
V9 Gen2 wheel 20
V9 Gen2 wheel 21
V9 Gen2 wheel 22

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