PXN V9 Racing Gaming Steering Wheel

Product performance description
2. Intelligent dual-core for two modes of X-input and D-input in PC.
3. Switch between 270° and 900° rotation output.
4. Dual-motor vibration feedback.
5. Equipped with 6-speed shifter, high gear level can reach to 12.
6. Support audio communication function at PS4/XBOX ONE;
7. Linear 3 pedals with gas, brake and clutch function.
8. Designed mobile application “V9 Tool” for steering wheel and game setting.

PXN & Truck Life
Official steering wheel adaptation

One click switch 270 degrees & 900 degrees

The steering wheel can be turned two and a half times, the same degree as the steering wheel of a car.
Physically flexible to switch between 270 degree and 900 degree steering wheel rotation angles

Simulated track driving experience

With built-in double vibration motor, it has multi-stage vibration function, which can change according to the scene of the game.
Automatic adjustment of vibration output

Shift pick
Unleash your driving passion

It’s a formula car pick, and you can shift gears by sliding your finger,
enhance the joy of control.

Adaptive Angle Linear Pedal

The linear foot pedal is used to automatically adjust the throttle and brake rush value according to the stomping force.
With a folding pedal texture and non-slip bottom design, it improves pedal control.

Manually Hang the Lever

P key hand brake, touch-type switch high and low
Operate the vehicle to switch between high and low gears,
Racing handbrake drift through the corner, truck type operation grab and drive.

PXN V9 Steering Wheel

PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (1)

PXN V9 270° PC racing wheel and 900° truck simulation gaming steering wheel - Professional Xbox Steering Wheel

Gaming steering wheel for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch compatible, Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 11. The PC racing steering wheel with left and right dual motor vibration and linear large size pedal. The 5 suction cups and 2 C-fixed brackets at the bottom make the product placement more secure, allowing you to play as you like. The steering wheel has an audio communication function only on the PC.

PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (2)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (3)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (4)


Q: PXN V9 game wheel is used on the PC, and the APP recognizes it as PS3 HID, and will not enter the D-input or X-input.

A: This is due to a failure after the Win11 system upgrade, which can be resolved by upgrading the firmware.

Open the PXN official website, click Support-Tools, and download the V9 firmware V2.35 package(e-pxn.com/sites/pxn/files/tools/v9the-firmwarev2.35_0.zip).

Q: Can the V9 steering wheel be mapped with buttons?

A: Yes, you can map all the buttons on the steering wheel through the APP (PXN Wheel), which requires the game to support button mapping.

PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (5)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (6)


1: Compatible with PC,PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch;

2: Built-in dual vibration motor to bring you a more realistic racing experience;

3: One-key switch, 270/900° linear steering wheel, freely switch between racing car and truck simulation;

4: Linear pedals, support automatic battery life;

5: Auto-calibration function (driver installation is required);

6: With X-input and D-input on PC, plug and play PC steering wheel;

7: 5 Suction cups and 2 C-fixed bracket to fix the steering wheel on the tabletop;

8: Super-running left and right shift paddles and manual shift lever design.

PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (7)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (8)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (9)


● Game Accessories Type: Gaming Steering Wheel;

● Applicable products: PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch;

● APP: PXN Wheel;

● Interface type: USB(Handle guide interface);

● Connection method: USB wired connection(6.56 ft);

● Applicable system: Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 11;

● Button support: Programmable buttons;;

● Vibration function: Support dual-motor vibration.

● Steering angle: Steering angle 270/900º;

● Racing mode: 270° racing car, 900° truck simulation.

Please Note: The PXN V9 steering wheel does not have force feedback function.

PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (10)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (11)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (12)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (13)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (14)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (15)

Package Includes:

1 x Steering wheel;

2 x C-fixed bracket;

1 x User manual;

1 x Pedal;

1 x Shifter;

3 x Suction cups (reserve).

PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (16)
PXN V9 Game Steering Wheel (17)

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