PXN V900 Steering Wheel

Product performance description
2. Switch between 270° and 900° rotation output.
3. Intelligent dual-core for two modes of X-input and D-input on PC.
4. Support audio communication function at PS4/XBOX ONE.
5. Linear pedals with gas and braking control。
6. Built-in double vibration motors, bring you realistic gaming experience.
7. Racing Wheel with ergonomic structure design..

One Click Switch 270 Degrees & 900 Degrees

The steering wheel can be turned two and a half times, the same degree as the steering wheel of a car
Physically flexible to switch between 270 degree and 900 degree steering wheel rotation angles

Simulated Track Driving Experience

With built-in dual vibration motor, it has multi-stage vibration function,
which can automatically adjust the vibration output according to the scene changes of the game

Shift Paddles

Unleash your driving passion
Like a formula car pick, you can complete the shift action by sliding your finger to enhance the fun of control.

Adaptive Angle Linear Pedal

The linear pedal can automatically adjust the throttle and brake thresholds according to the stomping force.
It is equipped with folding pedal texture and anti-slip design at the bottom to improve the controllability of the pedal.

Removable Suction Cup

5 large suction cups are attached to the desktop, firm and powerful

Layered Non-slip Grip

The use of imitation leather half-punch design,
enhance the anti-skid while improving the grip texture,
so that you love racing, avoid slipping and other misoperations due to hand sweating,
and devote yourself to the track.

Fixed Bracket

Strengthen stability
Easy installation and easy hardening

PXN V900 Steering Wheel

【ENJOY MORE RACING GAMES】:The PXN-V900 game steering wheel can be used with many of your favourite PC games, such as European Truck Simulator, Truck Life, Maxthon China, Shenli Corsa and other games; on Xbox the PXN V9 can be adapted to Horizon 4, Dust 2.0, Forza Motorsport series, Racing Project 2 and other games; PS compatible games include Need for Speed 20, F1 2019, Super Touring Car, Driving Club and more, while Nintendo Switch compatible games include Asphalt, Sonic Racing, Mario Kart and other games.

【MULTI-PLATFORM STEERING WHEEL】:The PXN V900 is a cross-platform steering wheel that’s compatible with PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, PS3, Nintendo Switch, and PC ( X-Input and D-input ), so whatever system you race on you can rely on the PXN V900.

【VIBRATION FEEDBACK RACING WHEEL】:The PXN V900 incorporates double vibration motors to enhance your experience while racing. The PXN V900 also allows you to adjust the wheel’s sensitivity to suit your game, or driving style, thanks to the three sensitivity levels and programmable buttons. The pedals are also adjustable to accommodate even the most heavy-footed of drivers. You won’t need to worry about the pedals moving while you’re braking hard either, thanks to the slide proof design of the PXN V900’s pedals.

【270 & 900 DEGREE GAMING STEERING WHEEL】:The PXN V900 can shift from 270 degree & 900 degree mode at the flick of a button. 900 degree mode is ideal for driver games like Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator, while 270 degree mode is perfect for racing games, like Need for Speed and Forza Horizon.

【EROGONOMIC DESIGN】:At 11inches in diameter the PXN V900 feels just like a real steering wheel in your hands. The rubber grip prevents the wheel slipping and feels great to hold. The pressure-sensitive gas and brake pedals can also be customised to suit the strength of your step.

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