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PXN V99 Gear Driven Force Feedback Sim Gaming Racing Steering Wheel

Product performance description
1. Compatible with PC/Xbox One/Series/PS4/PS5 (additional converter required for PS5).
2. Designed mobile application [PXN Wheel] for high configuration.
3. Gear driven force feedback technology simulates real racing experience.
4. Adjustable 900 and 270 degree rotation output.
5. Heat-shrinkable rubber covered on steering wheel.
6. Double paddles designed on left and right.
7. Hall sensor 3 -pedals with gas, brake and clutch function.
8. Compact 6-in-one manual gearshift lever with push down reverse.

PXN V99 Steering Wheel

V99 racing wheel (1)

【High-end Racing Simulator】: PXN-V99 force feedback game steering wheel, 270 ° / 900 ° one-button switch, detachable steering wheel, dual-pad design, configure magnetic induction foot pedal, 6 + 1 hanging block Board, tripoot, strength adjustable, pedal angle multi-segment adjustment, 6 + 1 hanging gear, down-voltage reversing, PXN-V99 free drive double motor feedback game steering wheel, special for professional racing game design.

【Steering Wheel with Force Feedback】: PXN V99 racing wheel have 3.2Nm dual-motor force feedback, allowing you to clearly perceive the force feedback information of the vehicle movement and environmental interaction, to simulate every bump in the road, body tilt, acceleration, collision, and to convey driving details through the sense of touch.

V99 racing wheel (4)

【Excellent Plate Design】: 300mm large Plate, comfortable to hold, the plate body supports 270 * 900 degrees one button to switch, 900 degrees can be rotated two and a half turns, consistent with the car plate. Steering wheel detachable structure design, activate the racing genes to release the passion of the track. Imitate Formula’s paddles design, it shifts gears and drifts in one fell swoop.

V99 racing wheel (5)
V99 racing wheel (6)

【Ergonomic design】: PXN-V99 force feedback game steering wheel built-in dual motor. Through different degrees of vibration simulation real driving scenarios, there is a real force feedback dual vibration motor. Comfortable feel, long use time and not fatigue, full metal full, the pedal is made of high -quality ABS plastic material, which stimulates the passion of car love and allows you to enjoy the fun of racing.

V99 racing wheel (7)

【Multi-platform compatibility】: PXN-V99 force feedback game steering wheel, compatible with PS4 ,PS3, PC, compatible with Windows 7 / 8/10/11 operating system, driveless dual motor feedback , Wired connection, plug and play. (PS4 series requires original handle to guide connection)

V99 racing wheel (8)

【 Compatibility Racing Game】: PXN-V10 power feedback game steering wheel can provide European Truck Simulation 2, Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa Competize, RFactor 2, WRC 9, F1 2020, Project Cars 2,, Automobilista 2, Need for Speed 20, Super Route, F1 2019, Driving Club, Racing Project 2 and other games.

V99 racing wheel (9)

【Pedal with Hall Magnetic Induction】:Three-pedal simulation design, easy to accelerate, brake and shift gears. Developed with hall magnetic induction technology to achieve high precision and good linearity,The high precision and linearity of the pedal can gives you a more sensitive and accurate braking experience.

V99 racing wheel (10)
V99 racing wheel (11)

【High-Quality Shifter】: 6+1 shifter,high / low Shifting switch possible. Easy and stable to press down to reverse the shifter. Comes with mount clamps to fix the shifter stably. And designed with multiple interface and support multiple devices.

V99 racing wheel (12)
V99 racing wheel (13)

【Dedicated App】:Self-research dedicated App, can be set by 【PXN Wheel】 App, the game sets one-button import, steering wheel steering effective angle setting, force feedback setting adjustment, steering wheel button mapping setting, game preset key position Configuration, steering wheel button test, players can search “PXN V Series” on the mobile phone to download and install.

V99 racing wheel (14)
V99 racing wheel (15)
V99 racing wheel (16)

N5 for PXN Game Steering Wheel

If you want to use a PXN steering wheel on PS5, please purchase an N5 receiver to use.

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