What Are Gaming Peripherals, And How Do They Help?

The devices used to play games enhance the playing experience. Gaming keyboards, headsets, mouse, electric dusters, gamepads, and many other items are among the most popular gaming accessories known as gaming peripherals.

Many companies are providing gaming devices such as Microsoft Xbox. Series X Gaming Console Microsoft, Sony PlayStation. PlayStation 5 Gaming Console Sony and Nintendo’s Finest, Switch Gaming Console (OLED Model).

Similarly, Shenzhen PXN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a business with specialized Research & Development and production of gaming peripherals, is also a supplier of gaming devices. As gamers increased, the need for such devices also increased, and the market for these products was higher than it was in the future.

PXN has a gaming lab and production base in Dongguan and its R&D and marketing center in Shenzhen. The business has a complete production chain that includes product design and development, mold production, injection molding, SMT, and assembly. A completely automated gaming steering wheel manufacturing line, two gaming controller production lines, five SMT automatic production lines, and an injection workshop with 38 sets of injection machines are all present in the production base.

The products include the game steering wheel, controller, joystick for flight simulation, headset, sense buds, and combat joystick. All goods may work with computers, gaming systems, and cell phones.

PXN V9 Steering Wheel

PXN V9 Steering Wheel (1)

There are many things to consider regarding the proper setup, compatibility, steering design and build, pedals, and the shifter, in addition to the aesthetics. There are many things to watch out for, not to mention the convenient controls and settings.

Users can change the rotation of the PXN V9 PC racing wheel between 270 and 900 degrees using the rotation switching option. Pushing the button underneath the steering wheel activates this feature, which is quite helpful while playing. On the PS4 game steering wheel, a handbrake shift lever is created specifically for professional racing games.

Racing video games are no longer played with a controller because it features a wheel, two pedals, an additional clutch, and even a 6-speed manual shift. From arcade sticks to rhythm game controllers to racing wheels, they have all transformed how people play and experience video games. PXN V9 racing wheels are frequently beneficial for gamers.

Overview of the Company – Shenzhen PXN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Established on February 05, 2004, in China, Shenzhen PXN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a firm that provides gaming peripherals and is widely known for its products. In 2014, it became a supplier of the e-commerce platform: jd.com. Later, in 2015, the company obtained Apple’s MFI certification. It then got registered with the PXN trademark in 2016. The trademark was known in 40 countries and regions, including North America, the EU, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. In 2018 Shenzhen R&D Center was established. After two years, the company got a certificate from the Aero Sports Federation Of China. 

The same year, cargo consolidation centers were opened in the United States of Canada. By 2021, we established cargo consolidation centers in Europe, after-sales service and repair centers in the USA, UK, and Germany, entered the Southeast Asian market, and established them in Thailand and the Philippines.